DAB Euroswim 150M 1.1Kw 230V


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High efficiency self-priming centrifugal pumps with built-in large capacity prefilter. Extremely quiet running and great reliability, developed for water circulation and filtration in domestic and residential swimming pools. Suitable also for special applications that call for handling of aggressive liquids, in fish farms, agriculture and industry. Pump body in fibreglass reinforced technopolymer. Strainer cover in clear antioxidant polycarbonate to guarantee constant visibility through time. Nylon strainer. Impeller in fibreglass reinforced technopolymer developed to ensure total coverage and isolation of the motor shaft from the pumped liquid. Diffuser in reinforced technopolymer. Mechanical seal in carbon / alumina / NBR / AISI 316. Pump body O-rings in  NBR, threaded fasteners and reinforcing rings in AISI 304. Butterfly drain plugs that can be removed and refitted without tools.

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